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Harmonic Series

The harmonic series is produced by continually subdividing the string or tube into equal vibrating lengths.
When a string vibrates, the main pitch you hear is from the vibration of the whole string. That is the fundamental, or first harmonic. But the string also vibrates in halves, in thirds, fourths, and so on. Each of these also produce a harmonic.


Dreaming is used by Aboriginal people to tell their story/history. They describe it as a dreaming song and it explains their reason for being reaching back to the beginning of time.
This concept is borrowed for the pieces relating to the communities and individuals, who for over six millennia, have worked with metal, Firstly gold, beating it into shape, the CD label is an artists impression of a Sun Disc from around 2500 BC. Then later the melting of copper and other materials lead, iron. Incidently iron does appear on earth in its natural form, deposited from space by meteorites.


The six-stringed lyre of Northwestern Europe which gained a fingerboard in the 8th Century and had the bow applied to it in the early 11th century . The crwth is tuned to the Pythagorean proportion 12:9:8:6 following the fabled lyre player Orpheus.

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Sun Disc

A small pendant found in Wales. This is a 'straightened' artists impression of the origianl. Gold was the first metal to be worked in parts of the world where it was to be found as it did not require smelting. Even these very early objects show the skill of the makers.

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