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paul whitty was born in Lisburn, N.Ireland in 1970.
He is a founding member of Ensemble [rout] which he co-directs with composers Sam Hayden and Paul Newland.
His work has been performed by IXION, Nosferatu, Ensemble Cattrall, London Sinfonietta, Jane Chapman, [rout], Christopher Redgate, Mieko Kanno, Michael Finnissy and Ensemble Expose.
His work has been featured by BBC radio3 in performances by [rout], IXION, Jane Chapman and London Sinfonietta.

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selected works [1998-2003]

.stop.direction.pause. [1998] e-guitar/prepared piano/sampler
bcnsfld [2000] collaboration with [rout]/dance company prang/Anna Best.
on/off [2000] e-guitar/c-bass/SWradio
input-output [2000] installation in collaboration with Anna Best, presented at Beaconsfield Artspace, Vauxhall.
Love [1999-2001] soprano/e-guitar/c-bass/sampler/m-disc/piano
erase [2001-2002] steel-string guitar/alto saxophone [baritone]
take it or leave it [2002] alto saxophone/violin/vibraphone/piano
stop me if you think you've heard this one before [2002] harpsichord
whatnoiseannoysanoyster [2002] site-specific installation at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, in collaboration with Anna Best.
in the midst of life we are in death etc. [2002] e-violin/e-guitar/c-bass/harpsichord/harmonium/sampler
erase/rewind [2002-2003] two duos i.steel-string guitar/alto saxophone [baritone] ii. 'cello duo.
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Recent Performances

erase [2001-2002] for steel-string guitar/alto saxophone[baritone]
fp.Ensemble Cattrall/Zurich/13-SEPT-2002 rub or scrape out. efface (eg. From the memory). destroy."

Each sound in erase is vacuum-packed - sealed individually - sounds are switched on and off - erase cuts from sound to sound to silence - as one sound supercedes another, the previous sound - or silence - is erased - there are no overlaps - no transitions.

The situation is always bigger than you ... it has like God, its own logic and its own justification for being and the best you can do is cope.'

In a world such as you inhabit, Mr.Stencil, any cluster of phenomena can be a conspiracy.

there's nothing under here, who are we kidding? [Thomas Pynchon, V]

perhaps the links between the sounds have been lost or forgotten - perhaps we can reconstruct them in our imagination as an archaeologist reconstructs artifacts from a handful of fragments - perhaps there never was any connection. [SEPT-2002]

take it or leave it [2002] for alto saxophone/violin/vibraphone/piano
fp.Nosferatu/BMIC cutting edge series/19-SEPT-2002
'... full of understatement and wit.' [Tom Service/the guardian/21-SEPT-2002]

in the midst of life we are in death etc [2002] in collaboration with graphic designers ratio electric [] for e-violin/c-bass/e-guitar/ harpsichord/harmonium/sampler.
'he was a sweet and tender hooligan, hooligan, and he said that he'd never, never do it again, and of course he won't ... not until the next time.' [Morrisey&Marr/1986]

Forthcoming Performances

  • 24-MAR-2003/Dartington
    in the midst of life we are in death etc [version 2003]
  • 03-APR-2003/Zurich 04-APR-2003/Basel
    erase/rewind [2002-2003] for two duos i.steel-string guitar/alto saxophone [baritone] ii.'cello duo
  • 29-30-31-MAY-2003/Battersea Arts Centre
    the Englishman sits in his caravan at St.Osyth/singing devised opera in collaboration with director Arlette Kim George




paul whitty currently lectures in composition at Oxford Brookes University and is a visiting tutor in collaborative practice at Dartington College of Arts.
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